| Team Building |

Because TeamBuilding activities must, above all, bring people together, on a very special occasion, away from routine, we have several TeamBuilding activities that will make teams work together for a specific goal. Get your collaborators to dance,
create, imagine and have fun around an artistic project that will transform their day! Our focus is on the relations between each one of them: we aim to building healthier and better teams for the future of the company.

| Personal and Group Growth Through Acting |

| Workshop |

We apply different structural concepts of theatrical performance within a work context, in order to improve interpersonal relationships at work: better empathy, team spirit and connection among collaborators.
Throughout this activity, we develop several exercises from various acting methodologies, giving the participants the necessary mechanisms to apply these methods to their work. These activities will result in the development of professionals and teams capable of collecting and processing information, identify when to use the methods they learn, and efficiently apply it to the resolution of problems and conflicts.

| Arts School for Companies |

| Classes |

“My Company Has a Drama School” is a program created for the corporate area, that works with the collaborators in developing acting competencies, on a work context. In this “school” we use the same tools that an actor/performer/entertainer uses in the execution of his art on stage, to improve the performance of the employees when communicating with their colleagues and clients. This program of weekly classes ends with a surprising show created for the company’s event, where the main characters will be the collaborators themselves!



Rua Professor Francisco Gentil nº 6 D/E