Brand Activation | Street Events |

We create and produce concepts for brand activations that directly communicate to your audience/client. Where? In the streets, in an office, in a cinema, in an airplane, in the middle of the ocean… wherever your target audience is! We make sure they will remember your message through creativity, innovation, surprise and above all, from person to person.

| Promotional | Corporate Events |

That moment of the year when the collaborators of a company are brought together out of their usual environment, that moment when a brand gathers its partners and/or clients, might turn out to be the best show and animation of the previous 364 days.
Our team imagines, creates and produces the best animation and/or show for your event, giving you the power to transmit your message to your guests in the most efficient and customized way.

Ask us for a proposal as big as your goals and get ready to be surprised!

| Social Network / Flash Mobs |

In order to promote a brand, translate a message, raise awareness of something, etc., we create and conceive concepts for online videos (or a series of videos).
With our creative team, choreographers and performers we produce original and surprising videos that may (or not) involve the audience, as a part of the show.

| Advertising |

For video advertising that requires performers (dancers, choreographers, acrobats…) we provide high quality turnkey shows that will transmit the client’s idea in the most captivating way.
This service is available for campaigns that are already conceptually set, and also for new briefings. If so, our creative team can define or participate in the process of concept creation.

| Thematic Shows and Performances |

We offer several standard animations and shows, already built, and easily adaptable to corporate, institutional and promotional events. We have a range of thematic options that goes from Cabaret shows to the beautiful art of contemporary dance, from breathtaking moments of Nouvelle Cirque, to the highly entertaining vibe of the 70’s. Or, if you want, a bit of everything!




Rua Professor Francisco Gentil nº 6 D/E